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Post Apocalyptic Rehearsals

Due to the devasting effect coronavirus has had on our industry, we have been forced to rethink how we operate.

We have decided that for the forseeable future we will only be allowing one band per room, per evening, ensuring their safety and allowing us time to sanitize for the next band the following evening.

Each band will get the same room and time slot on the same evening every week.

Bands will pay £100 per month for them to be allocated an evening in a dedicated room.

Access to the building will be by keycard, between 5pm- 10pm on their chosen evening (yes that’s right, a five hour rehearsal if you want) the building will lock itself down at 10:30pm, so make sure your out!

Equipment lockers are available on site, on a first come basis.


Get in touch with us if you would like to be part of this scheme

Rooms are approx. 200 Sq ft (18.58 Sq m).

The spaces are modern light and offer absolute privacy for the client.
Built utilising floating floors to minimise bass leakage between rooms, divided by 4” thick solid concrete walls and tuned with custom built acoustic panels.

The rooms sound natural without being too lively, so you can actually hear what your playing.
All the regular rooms are located on the ground floor, hourly rooms supplied with PA system.

Rehearsal Rooms

From £N/A  – per Hour  – including PA.
From £N/A  –  per Day  – including PA.
From £N/A  – per Week  – including PA.


Rehearsal room time includes loading and unloading.


Backline Hire (per session)

Drum Kit (Cymbals NOT included)  –  £5:00
Guitar Amp  –  £5:00
Bass Amp  –  £5:00
Microphone  –  £1:00
Mic Stand  –  £1:00

Resident Rooms

We have a number of Resident Rooms, rentable by the month or week.

Residents have 24 hour access to their rooms (by prior appointment) and use of all on site facilities, each room comes with it’s own hard wired internet connection, plus, discounted rates on recording and equipment.

They are avaiable on a first come basis, so please ring for an enquiry.