The Philosophy of The Studio is Simple:

We appreciate what a tense and nerve wracking experience recording can be.

A recording studio is simply a place where people stick microphones in front of you and capture your performance but in the wrong studio, this can feel like drag, the place needs a “vibe”, you need to be relaxed and Tuff Gong is that kind of creative space.


The Control Room:

Our custom built 320 SqFt control room has been aesthetically and acoutically designed to give a great work flow, isolated from the other spaces this creates the perfect working and listening environment.

All the usual toys within easy reach, 5 sets of monitors for accurate mixing and seperate workstations for Programmers, Engineers and Producers.

There’s plenty of relaxing space and a large window with line of sight into the recording areas and uniquely, we have daylight.

The Live Room:

We have a 500 sqft live room with high apex ceilings, big enough to accomodate a full band comfortably, the room has been tuned to give it that big studio sound, especially on drums but the acoustics can also be tailored for a more intimate sonic footprint.

The Isolation Booth:

The 81 sqft (big enough for a drum kit if needed) isolation booth is acoustically damped for a much tighter/ drier sound, we often use it as a seperate amp room but equally well suited for doing vocals with lines of site to the live room and control room.

The Artists Lounge:

Situated next door to the control room, with natural daylight, the lounge is the perfect place to escape, relax, eat or play.


Recording Studios

From £25 per hour, including Engineer:


  1. Hour          £40:00
  2. Hours        £70:00
  3. Hours        £90:00
  4. Hours      £100:00

The £25:00 per hour thereafter

Session Musicians

We can supply musicians and singers for you charged at musician union rates.


Backing Tracks

We can supply off the peg backing tracks at £25:00 each.

Bespoke backing tracks can be made to your requirements charged at the studio hourly rate.


Tape Charges

To transfer your session onto USB drive or send via email is free.

To transfer your session onto the medium of your choice is charged at the studio rate plus the cost of teh medium.


  • Music Recording Services
  • Demo’s
  • Mixing
  • Legal Work
  • Radio Jingles/ ID’s
  • Backing Track Production
  • Studio Experience Packages
  • Tuition
  • Mastering