We offer a comprehensive list of Production Services, from guiding your project to completion or offering advice on Mixing and Production.

We can supply you with Session Musicians, Remix or Master your music.


Production covers many roles, among them controlling the recording sessions, coaching and guiding the musicians, organizing and scheduling production budget and resources, and supervising the recording, mixing and mastering processes.
The music producer could be compared to the film director in that the producer’s job is to create, shape and mould a piece of music in accordance with their vision for the album.
Hard Knox can drive your project from start to finish, assist you in a co-production or simply offer advice for your consideration.


Audio mixing is the Art of balancing the relative Volume, Frequency and Dynamical content of a number of sound sources to produce a cohesive sonic image.
Typically, these sound sources are different musical instruments or MIDI sources, a band or vocalists, the sections of an orchestra, announcers and journalists, crowd noises and so on.
We produce and advise on producing mixes to the highest commercially acceptable quality, whether it’s material recorded with us or from a session conducted elsewhere.


A Remix is an alternative version of a song, different from the original version, a song may be Remixed to give a song that wasn’t popular a second chance at radio and club play, or to alter a song to suit a specific Music Genre or Radio Format.
Some Remixes involve substantial changes to the Arrangement or Sonic Palette of a recorded work, but many are subtle, such as creating a more sparse “vocal up” version of an album cut that emphasizes the lead singer’s voice.
Hard Knox produce Remixes to the highest commercial standard and have undertaken work from several major record companies to private individuals and bands.


We can supply Session Musicians to work on your Project, whether it’s live or recorded and arrange your session so you can concentrate on your performance.


Mastering is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix to a data storage medium (the master); the source from which all copies will be produced (via methods such as pressing or duplication).
The format of choice is usually digital masters, ie, CD, Dat, Mini Disc etc. depending on the intended release format of the final product, chosen based on replication factory requirements and/or record label security concerns.
The source material is fine tuned through equalisation and multi band audio level compression, and rendered (In a tonal context) as a cohesive audio program, the new (“Mastered”) source material is also put in the proper order at this stage, this is commonly called “the assembly or track sequencing”, more tasks such as editing, pre-gapping, leveling, fading in and out, noise reduction and other signal restoration and enhancement processes can be applied as part of the mastering stage.